How to Use this Site

Everything in this site, with the exception of the book reviews, is accessible by anyone. In order to access the book reviews, however, one must have an active JSTOR account. For American University students, your access to ALADIN gives you JSTOR rights.

Clicking on the various tabs within ProjectHistory opens a page in the same frame from which you are accessing the page. Clicking the back-arrow in the top left-hand corner of the screen brings you back to your previous page; clicking on the Home tab brings you back to the ProjectHistory Welcome page. If you prefer to open the new page in a separate window, then right-click on the tab, and that option is made available. We created this option to give users the greatest possible flexibility when utilizing ProjectHistory (okay, maybe we really didn’t create that option, but we were THINKING about creating it when someone pointed out to us that it had already been around for like a gazillion years, and works on every website).

When accessing the various pull-down menu tabs, the navigation tabs stay visible until you choose your end destination.

The flowchart is simply a line diagram giving you an overall view of how ProjectHistory is organized.