About ProjectHistory

ProjectHistory started out as a simple ten-page HTML/CSS project in a digital history class, but has since grown and expanded into a useful tool for graduate history students at American University in Washington, DC.

Currently (April 2010), the site is focused on the U.S. I comprehensive exam; as time goes on, the work will expand into the U.S. II, U.S. Diplo, and Modern Europe fields.

Special thanks to Professors Alan Kraut, Andrew J. Lewis, and Eileen Findlay for their guidance and suggestions regarding the themes and timelines for U.S. I, and especially to Rebecca DeWolf for her categorization of the books into said themes; ProjectHistory is a better site as a result of their contributions.

And, of course, any errors found within this site, factual or otherwise, are my own. If you discover any mistakes, have questions regarding the content, or would like to contribute information and/or reviews to the ProjectHistory, please feel free to contact me at todd@projecthistory.net.